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Wind Turbines on The Fen ?

Heckington Fen to be precise  -  ECOTRICITY are the potential developers of a 22 turbine ‘windfarm’ on Six Hundreds Farm. They prefer to call it a Wind Park but in reality it’s an industrial estate of huge proportions. The planning application is for consent to construct and operate a wind energy electricity generating station. ( In effect, an industrial estate ). Each turbine will have it’s hub or generator unit at 80 metres above ground level. The blades are said to be 45 metres in length making the height total 125 metres above the ground. That’s 42 metres taller than Boston Stump.

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My sketch shows the latest version in relation to Kyme Tower. The planned 22  turbines if planning permission is granted will each be 125 metres tall. This is no joke. They really will be this big.

Here we go Again

Daily Telegraph article 11th April 2015 about former Hippy, now multi millionairre, Dale Vince of Ecotricity


National Wind Watch


Planning Letter 31 Jan 2011

Plans etc  31 Jan 2011


Summary Report by the John Muir Trust


Wind Turbines are a ‘Green’ solution


Planning Application with NKDC   see ‘documents’


Ecotricity 28th May 2011


Ecotricity  July 2011


Heaven & Earth by Prof. Ian Plimer - Intelligent (mostly) Debate

 - do -

Prof. Plimer’s book - Summary  read this !

guardian comment

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Email to Resident

23rd June 2011   Click here to view

Planning Notice

2nd Sept 2011 - Click here to view

Below, you will find links to a number of documents relating to this issue.

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Save Our Villages! - is the cry from the Anti Windfarm Lobby. Are you bothered one way or the other? My personal standpoint is one which draws the response of  ‘NIMBYISM’. If that’s all they can say to defend the building of thousands of these ‘Metal Monsters’ then I’m proud to be a nimby. These things are proven to be next to useless producing around 1% of the power produced in the UK every day. It could be argued that if they build 100 times more wind powered turbines we wouldn’t need so-called ‘dirty’ power stations. They’d have us believe we have constant wind at consistent speeds. Sadly, living on the fens we know that is not the case. Click here for facts.
Unless we get our point across to government the future is dark and cold.
Write to our MP Stephen Phillips and let him know if you feel the same way.

Check out Fenbeagle’s Blog for a lighthearted view on this dark subject.
Windfarm Enquiry (Closed 9th August 2012) - Report

So !
Whats New


 This article in the Daily Express 27th Sept. 2012
 http://WindFarm Information/express 27Sept2012.pdf

   Click Here to sign the Government ePetition

This in the Times 26th November 2012

Daily Telegraph article 11th April 2015 about former Hippy, now multi millionairre, Dale Vince of Ecotricity