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Worried About Flood Risk?

The Kyme Eau river level is controlled by the Environment Agency. There has never been a flood in South Kyme in Living Memory, nor is there any report of floods in the known history of South Kyme.

If you are still worried and want sandbags then click here to read the North Kesteven Sand Bag Policy

Environment Agency Flood Map

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Heating Oil -  Scroll down for a link to the village Heating Oil Buying Syndicate.

Village Tidy

You could do even better ... Contact the South Kyme independent buying group       

Or phone Mervyn Head on 01526 861098

The Latest Heating Oil Prices from Boiler Juice (please use as a guide to see your saving)

As a responsible dog owner, you need to know about dog laws - your rights and responsibilities in order to protect yourself, your dog and other dogs. The Kennel Club provides many services and is a good source of advice and help about dog ownership. Remember, ‘ignorance is no defence in the eyes of the law’. You can read online, or download a really useful information guide entitled ‘Do you know dog law? Or by visiting the kennel club website at

The law and your dog

Need to contact LCC Highways?

If you need to report a problem relating to roads, paths, street lighting, etc. in South Kyme, please go to the excellent website for LCC Highways Department by following this link:
N.B.   Your report will be dealt with more quickly than if your report goes via the Parish Council

For Information about the Slea Navigation and The Kyme Eau, please visit their website:

Sleaford Navigation Trust

Lincs CC ' Core Strategy Policy ‘ for housing and potential development sites across the counties villages, one of which is South Kyme. On the County Council website the is map for each of the villages involved that details land put forward for possible housing development
Click HERE for a preview of the map for South Kyme

Lincs Core Strategy


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